God's Sweetness

Hi, my name is Julie. I'm a restless girl who found rest in Christ. I aspire to be a doctor so I may bring God's grace and goodness into people's lives. On my way there, I'll share about His faithfulness in my life, here.

Here’s a sample of my grad pics taken back in June. Thank you to my photographer @charmaineagbuya! Hit her up for your special occasions or any photo-taking needs. Check out her work on her instagram page or #csainstafolio! <3 #wutimagradstudentnow

My Heavenly Father,

When I’m tempted to fly away again and to hide on the branches of the trees, hold me closer than ever to your heart. When the storm is starting to rage, remind me that you are the ones who commands for the ocean to calm. As my fears and doubts continue to run after me, remind me that evil cannot touch me. When I see my pain, remind me I have more than ten thousand reasons to bless your name. Lord, I ask that you may humble me. It’s either I’m prideful to think that I don’t need you or prideful to think I’m not worthy of you. Let me stop questioning you and start hoping in you. I want to be obedient to your Word, which is to be thankful at all times and praying everything, entrusting this life to you. You will use every piece of my heart for your glory and for my good. I’m pouring the oil in my alabaster box. This is all I got, Lord. Thank you for loving me when it seems like no one else can do it. What your Son did on the cross amazes me more than ever.

So pretty <3


When I fall in love, it will be forever..

“Intimacy is like the moon to me, it’s
all the way up there out of my reach
on a cloudless night when all I want
to do is feel vulnerable for just one
quiet moment.”

—   Journal Words by leaveyouapen (via leaveyouapen)