God's Sweetness

Hi, my name is Julie. I'm a restless girl who found rest in Christ. I aspire to be a doctor so I may bring God's grace and goodness into people's lives. On my way there, I'll share about His faithfulness in my life, here.

One of the hard things about being away from Ralph is when I’m having those rainy days and I need him by my side to hold my hand.

The people closest to you are the ones who give you the most painful experiences. Everyone seems to see me differently. One thing I hate the most is how I’m being looked down upon, how someone intentionally shoves in my face how I’m inadequate in their eyes. Maybe I don’t share my feelings to just anyone because I avoid them being belittled by people who don’t care how you feel. People end up getting upset at me because I don’t open up..? How can someone expect that when they’re the reason why I don’t want to share in the first place.

My happiness doesn’t matter, it seems?

I am not a child. I am an adult learning to make wise decisions. I’m learning to fall and stand. I don’t like how I’m being choked. I’m being so protected as if I haven’t been hurt before. I’ve gone through storms no one will ever understand besides God. I’ve embraced pain and I’ve crashed and burned during that process. But I confidently stand because Christ, only Christ, has lifted me up from the pit, no one else.

I found a zombie while walking by Terminus. #sdcc #twd
San Diego Comic Con International 2014! :) Special thanks to Tita Mel who got me this awesome tank & to my cousins who let me experience this event. However, my displeasure with big crowds have been reinforced haha! I was able to see @wongfuphil (lol, was too shy to say hi), their awk animals, and cute/cool stuff around the convention. I’m exhausted! In a few hours, internship bidness. God is good ‘cause He’s in my every moment. #ootd #toohottoday #firsttimertrolleyrider
First time at Comic Con. Thank you, Ate Angel for the free passes :) but I hate the crowd.. #cousinday